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Luxury mobile toilet cabin

Luxury mobile toilet cabin
  • Luxury mobile toilet cabin
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185000 KZT(180000 USD)

MTK "Luxury" model of 2015, is made from shock-resistant (300kg/cm ²) polyethylene, possesses high resistance to UF-radiation. The anti-vandal double front panel (an arch and a door) of the increased durability with fastening on all length of a door (without metal loops). With a complete set:

  • 220 cm * 110 cm * 110 cm (V*Sh*G)
  • Accumulative tank of 250 l.
  • Internal latch,
  • bondholder,
  • sitting with a cover,
  • hook for clothes,
  • nice fellows for the lock.

Appearance of a cabin has the equal formed walls with accurate drawing and a triangular translucent roof. Fastening of a door of a cabin is carried out as a royalny loop (excludes sagging and vyryvany doors). The pallet for a cabin has water-repellent impregnation (significantly increases cabin service life). Sidewalls of a cabin provide increase of durability of a cabin (additional stiffening ribs).

Additional equipment:

  • Towel holder;
  • Dispenser for soap;
  • Wash basin block (30 l.)
  • Soft seat with a cover;
  • Mirror.


Information is up-to-date: 20.02.2018

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Unbelievable price on Luxury mobile toilet cabin in Astana (Kazakhstan) company Bio Centr Astana, TOO.
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