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Garbage containers and tanks

The land and buried garbage containers
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
1000000 KZT
Wholesale: 1000000 KZT from 100 pcs
TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION ON THE GARBAGE CONTAINERS "ECOBIN" ®: Soft container:serves for direct warehousing of waste in the garbage container. Not less than 2 years are made at the request of the customer of high-strength polypropylene or polyester fabric, by service life; Locking mechanism:in...
Group: Euro containers for garbage
Plastic garbage container of 1100 l
In stock | Only wholesale 
Wholesale: 90000 KZT from 10 pcs
Plastic containers for collecting storage and transportation of various type of waste are manufactured of polyethylene of high density by a molding method under pressure. They differ in the high durability, ease, convenience in service and transportation. The skintight cover interferes with...
Group: Tanks for rubbish
Garbage container of 1100 l
In stock 
100000 KZT
Trash cans are used for collecting and storage of different types of household and food waste. The skintight cover interferes with distribution of smells and access of pets and rodents. These tanks are made of (PND) (PVD) polyethylene or polypropylene (software). The used material is steady against...
Group: Euro containers for garbage


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