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Class NEW dry close

Class NEW dry close
  • Class NEW dry close
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220000 KZT
Country of manufacture:Ukraine

MTK of the class "New" is a new class of the toilet cabins which are in addition equipped with a wash basin, the holder of toilet paper and a hook for things or towels. In it the system of ventilation which does not allow unpleasant smells and harmful evaporations to be late in a cabin is improved.

Also, this cabin does not demand installation of internal lighting! At the expense of a white transparent roof there is enough natural light in the afternoon, and in evening and night time it is enough to establish a cabin near street lighting. With a complete set:

  • Tank of 250 l.,
  • Sitting with two covers,
  • vent pipe,
  • Wash basin,
  • sink,
  • bondholder,
  • hook for clothes and bags,
  • internal latch
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Type of composting toilet:Portable
Width: 115 cm
Height: 245 cm
Weight: 89 kg
Information is up-to-date: 02.02.2018

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Unbelievable price on Class NEW dry close in Astana (Kazakhstan) company Bio Centr Astana, TOO.
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