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  • Aqua Kem Blue of 1 l (Liquid for the lower tank)

Aqua Kem Blue of 1 l (Liquid for the lower tank)

Aqua Kem Blue of 1 l (Liquid for the lower tank)
  • Aqua Kem Blue of 1 l (Liquid for the lower tank)
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4000 KZT

This liquid is used in the lower tank of dry closets. Its main task – dissolution and deodorization of solid waste. As a result of use of AQUAKEMBLU significantly facilitates discharge of contents of the lower tank and maintains its purity. Neutralizes unpleasant smells, doing use of a dry closet more comfortable and pleasant.

It is not expensive at all. Let you AQUAKEMBLU bottle cost does not frighten. This liquid is a concentrate and is very economically spent. For example, the lower tank of 12 liters requires 75 ml. ZHIDKOSTIAQUAKEMBLU. Therefore, all bottle of AQUAKEMBLU will be enough approximately for 20 gas stations of the lower tank or about three months of use by a family of 3 people.

We pay your attention: when using AQUAKEMBLU, it is necessary to empty the lower tank in places specially allotted for this purpose (sewer systems, the isolated ditches, etc.)

If you want to merge waste directly to the soil at yourself at the dacha and to use them as compost, then you need to use: Liquid for the lower tank of a dry closet of AQUAKEMGREEN.

Features of use:

Special liquids are necessary for the correct and long operation of a dry closet. They not only dissolve drains, but also eliminate unpleasant smells, cut a water consumption, maintain purity of the tank. Usually apply 2 liquids: AQUAKEMBLU or GREEN (they are interchanged) for the lower tank IAQUAKEMRINSE – for top.

Type of composting toilet:Portable
Information is up-to-date: 20.02.2018

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